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As a result of the commitment of cryptocurrencies and the expansion of personal stability, new intergovernmental initiatives are emerging to address the problems of the global financial system and to maintain public cryptocurrencies.

In early April, according to the Central Bank of Central Bank, the center may see the Central Bank’s digital currencies (CBDC) more than expected. And today, the Financial Stability Board (FSB), the international body that oversees and recommends the global financial system, announced that it has completed the first three steps required by the 20 (G20) main economic group to develop a roadmap. For cross-border payments.
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Recall that in October 2019, the seven (G7) largest advanced economies groups were asked to compete with its members to improve the financial system with cryptocurrency and bandages – and to consider digital pricing.

Meanwhile, in February, the G20, along with the Saudi presidency, asked the FSB to coordinate a three-step process to strengthen transboundary taxes in order to develop a roadmap, the FSB said in a press release. The priority of the Saudi presidency is transboundary, he added. The first step – Phase 1, the assessment – is complete, and the FSB today released a report that will present the next virtual meeting to G20 finance ministers and central bank executives next week, taking into account the technical background report.

“Improving the operational aspects of transboundary taxes can improve the efficiency and speed with which these taxes are processed,” the report said, adding that it appreciates existing agreements and challenges for global transboundary taxes.